News: Fibre Optic broadband rollout in London disrupted by Olympics – How will Business Broadband be effected?

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Business Broadband rollout stopped for Olympic Games

Business Broadband rollout stopped for Olympic Games

Fibre Optic broadband rollout to be put on hold due to Olympic games in London

It has been revealed that British Telecom’s (BT’s) plans for the latest superfast broadband, via fibre optics, might be disrupted by the 2012 Olympics being held in the capital city. Business broadband providers have warned that Transport for London (TFL) are set to ban all street works on key parts of the 2012 Olympic Route Network, including those that are planning to lay fibre optic cable, until after the Games are over.

“Due to preparations for the Olympics this summer, TFL are putting in place an embargo on all planned street work starting on March 1st 2012,” said one of one supplier of Business Broadband.

Telecom firms such as BT, looking to lay fibre optic cables for superfast broadband in parts of the capital city might just have to wait until after the games come to a close during the Autumn of 2012.

“Restrictions will continue to affect us until they are fully lifted on September 30th.”  It is unforeseen how this might effect businesses that rely on high speed business broadband in the area, but many of them do not welcome the layout being put on hold for such a long period of time.

Firms have stated that it is important to ensure early action is taken, in order to complete the rollout of orders for Optical and Ethernet based services that will terminate on the core Olympic Route Network or require some form of construction work before the end of the month.

So any businesses that want fibre optic broadband before the games begin will have to make sure to get it done by the end of February.