4G Mobile Network Campaign

Posted on: April 30th, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

Over the past few weeks the 4G mobile spectrum has been discussed more than ever – perhaps mostly since Apple released the iPad 3, capable of 4G communications.

4G is the next generation mobile connection – this is already widespread across countries such as Japan, the US and Germany.

The United Kingdom is far behind with 4G, there are only a few very small areas covered by this spectrum.

The mobile company ‘Everything Everywhere’ has recently been pushing for Ofcom to allow mobile networks to use the old analogue spectrum freed up by the Digital TV switch-over. This would be beneficial to consumers due to the fact that the 800MHz spectrum is far greater at penetrating buildings and thus enabling more coverage for mobile devices.

Hopefully this recent push will get the ball rolling and enable access to 4G for increasingly more people.

Lets wait and see…