New ‘Super-Powerful’ Graphics Card Available

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

As of tomorrow (3rd May) you will be able to purchase the new Nvidia ‘super-powerful’ graphics card.

With limited units available you may want to get in fast – otherwise you may need to wait until 7th of May before retail stores obtain them.

The new graphics card model is the ‘GeForce GTX 690’, featuring a dual GPU and containing a phenomenal 3072 cores. With 4GB of RAM running at 6.0 Gbps this graphics card looks to be an incredibly fast piece of kit – I can’t imagine it having any problems running any current gaming titles or software.

We’ll see how the new card pans out after savy gamers rip it apart with their resource intensive games – expect some reviews across the Internet over the next few days!