Windows 10

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Windows 10

The next windows operating system as you will have probably heard by now will be called windows 10 and not windows 9 like many of the rumours leading up to the official announcement suggested.

Windows 10 or Windows X as it has become known, heralds the long awaited return of the start menu, albeit with a little Modern UI thrown in for good measure. (Modern UI being the rebranded metro feature).

Microsoft has invited people who would like to trial a very early version of the software to download and run it, although they recommend that you don’t use it as your primary operating system, and to run it as a virtual machine instead. As in its current state it is not suitable for day to day use. Links to these downloads can be found and the bottom of this page.

Microsoft have also made it clear that the current feature set in the technical preview may not (In its entirety) be included in the final release of ten, which is said to be in late 2015.

Along with the start menu windows ten brings a host of new features to the user such as…

Multiple Desktops

The feature of multiple desktops has now been included in windows 10.

This will allow you to separate your running applications onto multiple desktops, for example below I have the command prompt open on one desktop and internet explorer open on another.

If you have used a mac or any mainstream desktop based Linux distribution over the last 3 years or so you may have already seen or used this feature. In my experience this feature is especially useful on laptops with smaller screens that perhaps your desktop monitor/s.


Command Prompt

Microsoft have finally given in and made a very small change to the command prompt by adding keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl-v, ctrl-c and shift-select. Although these are by themselves very small changes they will be gladly received.

Taskbar Search

A handy taskbar search is included by default which will allow you not only to search your machine but also to search the internet as well. This will use by default the Bing search engine and internet explorer. I have yet to discover a means of changing the default search to another engine e.g. google or select another internet browser to display the results.

taskbar search

Adaptive interfaces

Windows 10 includes a set of software features to allow certain interfaces to change based on whether the device is docked or being used like a tablet. For example when in ‘tablet mode’ the device will try to use metro apps over standard desktop apps.

Notification Centre/Pane

There is a notification centre similar to what mac has been using for the last few releases, which is where all of your skype, email update messages will be stored.

Notification Pane

As mentioned above some of these features may not make it into the final release of windows 10, we will just have to wait and see what makes the final cut.

With its current feature set, Windows 10 looks set to be what windows 8 should have been.