Keep Your Email Private

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Microsoft’s latest advertising campaign dubbed ‘Keep Your Email Private’ has been targeted directly against Google’s Gmail service. The campaign features around Google’s latest effort’s to turn one of its free services into a source of revenue, in this case using selective advertising based on the user’s private mail content to deliver relevant advertising.

The system works by scanning your Subjects and Content from your email for key words that will help deliver personalise targeted advertising to the user.

In most of Microsoft’s latest advertisements they include a reference to their website keppyouremailprivate.com which has been created to highlight how and why Google is able to scan users email. It also provides several mock-up examples on what kind of advertising you would expect to encounter when using the Google mail service. The main objective of this website is to highlight that Microsoft’s equivalent free service ‘outlook’ does not actively scan your email for keywords, for use in advertising. Microsoft does state that outlook will only scan the contents of your email to help protect you, and to display, sort and categorize your e-mail. This is most likely a reference to their spam filtering service.

In one of Microsoft’s adverts they satirically suggest using an alternative language called Pig Latin where the words written in English are translated according to a set of rules. This can be done using an online translator. The purpose of which is to prevent Google from finding any relevant adverts based on this content.

An example of how the ‘selective advertising’ works could be as follows. You receive an email from a known sender about buying a house in the local area, Google would then provide you with adverts based on this content, which could include the area in which you were looking for a house, type of house etc.

What Microsoft doesn’t mention is that the mail scanning process is fully automated and at no point does a human ever read your emails or account information. Google has stated that the Advertisement targeting in Google mail will not deliver adverts based on sensitive information, such as race, religion, health etc.

Any users who don’t wish to receive targeted advertising from Google based their personal email content will have to find an alternative free email provider, or install a piece of ad blocking software such as ad block, which will run as an add-on to your browser to prevent all advertising, targeted or otherwise.

Signatures in Outlook 2013

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To create or edit an email signature in outlook 2013 first open outlook and click file in the top left.


On the following menu click options.


Click mail on the left pane then signatures.


To create a new signature click new then on the following popup window give the signature a name.


You can then edit the signature in the box below, then choose when it should be applied in this case I have chosen on new messages & replies/forwards. Once you have finished editing click okay to save your changes.



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Cryptolocker is a variation of Trojan horse Malware that is referred to as Ransomware. Once infected will effectively hold your data hostage by using encryption, demanding a ransom to have it unencrypted. Additionally if the ‘Ransom’ isn’t paid within a set amount of time (72 hours from notification) the files will remain encrypted with no known way to recover them as yet. This malware is not only capable of encrypting your local files but your shared network drives and connected external devices such as USB memory sticks and external hard drives.

The virus is spread through email attachments using a spam campaign that is thought to be designed to target small and medium businesses. Who are less likely to have a contingency plan in place to recover the files if lost.

Some Anti-Virus software is capable of removing the software, but it is not capable of preventing the software from running in the first instance and encrypting at least some of your files.

The ransom can be paid using alternative online payment methods such as Bitcoin or Moneypak. Using either of these methods makes the transaction very difficult to track and determine where or to whom the money will eventually end up. The typical ransom amounts to around 691 pounds, there are several reports that state after companies had paid the ransom there files had indeed been decrypted and full access restored, although others had reported problems during the decryption process where it would only restore partial access to a small selection of their files.

One example of Cryptolocker affecting a larger organisation recently was in America as a local police department fell victim to the virus. They resolved the issue by paying the ransom and subsequently recovered there encrypted files. Although they have recovered there files from the Cryptolocker encryption virus their reputation has been damaged, as they store large amounts of personal data and sensitive information which was compromised.

Our team of engineers have devised a solution that should effectively prevent the Cryptolocker virus from ever being able to run on your machine. Our current clients have little to worry about as this preventative measure will have already been applied to their computer systems protecting each device on the network.

Our clients can rest assure, that even with our preventative security measures, we can perform a full restore of your files back to an earlier state, as we take full backups of your critical files every night.

Going from 360 to 720

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Tonight is the unveiling of the latest Xbox gaming console from Microsoft. The features of the new device have been kept very secret and no one really knows what’s going to be in the new system – rumour mills as always have been churning over what it thinks could be in the new system from the removal of the DVD/HD drive to a slimming the whole unit to compete with the PS3 slim. Microsoft are the last of the Gaming consoles to release a new unit in recent times and you can guarantee that all three vendors will be fighting for the top spot at this year’s E3 show next month.

The gaming market has become as cut throat as a trading floor. Microsoft will want to increase the performance against its old 360 unit that was the first to be released to the marketplace but was never top of global sales. When it comes to the best games console there are many people who will choose different units. With technology growing and software becoming just as important as the hardware, designers have to be at the top of the game.

Nintendo have already noticed that Gaming community is not for the light hearted with the WII U not selling as they had hoped. When the Xbox came on the market it landed with an explosion of graphics and games which left gamers and game-makers smiling. Now the world is a very different place – mobile vendors change hardware every other week and games are now more common from places like Steam and origin.

Microsoft doesn’t need to worry about Sony or Nintendo they have to worry about Apple, Google and Samsung. Microsoft always packed in loads of extras to the Xbox for example Sky Player and DNLA capability’s to make it a complete entertainment system. As an Xbox owner I will be sitting waiting for the new unit to be unveiled.

BBM Messenger will it bring the fight to Social Media

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It has been leaked that Blackberry have been said to release the messenger service Blackberry Messenger to all smartphones.

Apple and Android will be able to download Blackberry Messenger “BBM” for all smartphones and will no longer be limited to BlackBerrys own devices in the summer of 2013. Will this move keep Blackberry alive and Kicking or will this be the stupidest thing they have ever done?

Blackberry is now less popular then all other Smart phone devices including the windows smartphones. Blackberry fans have seem to have taken the whole idea very personally and are not happy with the removal of their identities as they see it.

With the likes of Facebook Chat, Whatsapp and Imessage is Blackberry messenger going to succeed. BBM has features that allow for on the go Group creation and the ways to connect though QR codes or Just pins that are not possible with the large social networking systems.

Time will tell if this can save the troubled company

Many thanks to everyone at Let’s Do Business

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Well its the day after the Lets Do Business Brighton Exhibition and James and the team would like to say a thank you to the Lets Do Business Team and everyone who we spoke to yesterday about Tetrabyte Managed IT services and products. After a long day the team are back to the normal day to day jobs of helping customers with there technical problems. If anyone is looking for Excellent IT support please give the team a call on 0800 160 1066 and see how we can help save you money.

Once again our thanks go out to the Let’s Do Business Team and everyone who took part – and see you at the next one.

Let’s Do Business

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Here at Tetrabyte Managed IT it’s a busy week. We are in the process of getting ready for the Brighton’s Let’s Do Business exhibition at Brighton racecourse on Thursday. Bringing lots of new Services to the range of Tetrabyte products like the new and improved SpamCleric eMail Filtering System and our UNLIMITED Off Site Backup and all on our 30 day rolling contracts. Do you have this with your current I.T. Support Provider ?

We are at Stand Number 1 at the Brighton’s Let’s Do Business Exhibition showing you how our knowledge and understanding of Businesses and Charities lets Tetrabyte bring you the best I.T. Support at fantastic prices. So come see us at the front of the Let’s Do Business Show at Brighton Racecourse on Thursday 16th May.

If you want to save money and have an excellent I.T. Support firm looking after your I.T. Support then you need to speak to us today – We guarantee to beat your current I.T. Support Costs on any like for like service and as a one off, the first 10 customers that sign up will get an iPad Mini.




Software wars: Return of the start Button

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The rumour mills of the new software industry have started to churn over the surprise of the return of the world famous Start button.

Microsoft are rumoured to have done a massive U-turn with reference to their removal of the start button in their latest windows operating system. It has been reported that there will be “key aspects” changed in the update to Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 Codenamed “Blue” is the update that is reported to be the change back with such changes as the loosing of the metro strangle hold by allowing users to boot straight in to the desktop and skip the Metro completely and bringing back the default start button.

It has been reported that “Blue” is to address the Feedback from users not to U-turn but to work to make windows 8 better.

It’s been well known that the Windows 8 Metro interface was a learning curve and don’t think Microsoft realized how much of a learning curve it was going to be. It’s also been said that Microsoft didn’t do enough to prepare outlet staff in the selling of windows or persuading Hardware makers to make more systems that had touch capabilities for the metro UI.

Microsoft did not Focus all there Financial incentives behind the touchscreen to best promote there touch screen. Microsoft was blaming PC makers for not building PCs with the right specs to actually run Windows 8 touch.

Angry Vendors replied stating that if they followed the advice of Microsoft they would have hardware they could not sell.

Windows 8 was meant to be the Operating System to go across all Form factor and devices. Was Windows 8 Apples Ace in the power struggle or merely a road block for Microsoft?

Speaking Personally I brought Windows 8 when it was released and after only a few short months I have returned to Windows 7 as it does what I want in half the time.

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