BBM Messenger will it bring the fight to Social Media

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It has been leaked that Blackberry have been said to release the messenger service Blackberry Messenger to all smartphones.

Apple and Android will be able to download Blackberry Messenger “BBM” for all smartphones and will no longer be limited to BlackBerrys own devices in the summer of 2013. Will this move keep Blackberry alive and Kicking or will this be the stupidest thing they have ever done?

Blackberry is now less popular then all other Smart phone devices including the windows smartphones. Blackberry fans have seem to have taken the whole idea very personally and are not happy with the removal of their identities as they see it.

With the likes of Facebook Chat, Whatsapp and Imessage is Blackberry messenger going to succeed. BBM has features that allow for on the go Group creation and the ways to connect though QR codes or Just pins that are not possible with the large social networking systems.

Time will tell if this can save the troubled company

Many thanks to everyone at Let’s Do Business

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Well its the day after the Lets Do Business Brighton Exhibition and James and the team would like to say a thank you to the Lets Do Business Team and everyone who we spoke to yesterday about Tetrabyte Managed IT services and products. After a long day the team are back to the normal day to day jobs of helping customers with there technical problems. If anyone is looking for Excellent IT support please give the team a call on 0800 160 1066 and see how we can help save you money.

Once again our thanks go out to the Let’s Do Business Team and everyone who took part – and see you at the next one.

Let’s Do Business

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Here at Tetrabyte Managed IT it’s a busy week. We are in the process of getting ready for the Brighton’s Let’s Do Business exhibition at Brighton racecourse on Thursday. Bringing lots of new Services to the range of Tetrabyte products like the new and improved SpamCleric eMail Filtering System and our UNLIMITED Off Site Backup and all on our 30 day rolling contracts. Do you have this with your current I.T. Support Provider ?

We are at Stand Number 1 at the Brighton’s Let’s Do Business Exhibition showing you how our knowledge and understanding of Businesses and Charities lets Tetrabyte bring you the best I.T. Support at fantastic prices. So come see us at the front of the Let’s Do Business Show at Brighton Racecourse on Thursday 16th May.

If you want to save money and have an excellent I.T. Support firm looking after your I.T. Support then you need to speak to us today – We guarantee to beat your current I.T. Support Costs on any like for like service and as a one off, the first 10 customers that sign up will get an iPad Mini.




Software wars: Return of the start Button

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The rumour mills of the new software industry have started to churn over the surprise of the return of the world famous Start button.

Microsoft are rumoured to have done a massive U-turn with reference to their removal of the start button in their latest windows operating system. It has been reported that there will be “key aspects” changed in the update to Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 Codenamed “Blue” is the update that is reported to be the change back with such changes as the loosing of the metro strangle hold by allowing users to boot straight in to the desktop and skip the Metro completely and bringing back the default start button.

It has been reported that “Blue” is to address the Feedback from users not to U-turn but to work to make windows 8 better.

It’s been well known that the Windows 8 Metro interface was a learning curve and don’t think Microsoft realized how much of a learning curve it was going to be. It’s also been said that Microsoft didn’t do enough to prepare outlet staff in the selling of windows or persuading Hardware makers to make more systems that had touch capabilities for the metro UI.

Microsoft did not Focus all there Financial incentives behind the touchscreen to best promote there touch screen. Microsoft was blaming PC makers for not building PCs with the right specs to actually run Windows 8 touch.

Angry Vendors replied stating that if they followed the advice of Microsoft they would have hardware they could not sell.

Windows 8 was meant to be the Operating System to go across all Form factor and devices. Was Windows 8 Apples Ace in the power struggle or merely a road block for Microsoft?

Speaking Personally I brought Windows 8 when it was released and after only a few short months I have returned to Windows 7 as it does what I want in half the time.

The How-To of the office shared printer

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If you work in an office then you will know the troubles that are faced with a shared office printer. The printer driver that does not give you the settings you require, the ‘update’ to the printer driver that stops the computer printing all together or the point where someone has held up all the prints because they are making copies of their report 50 times over with double sided and stapled.

Every office has a printer and every office has an office member who thinks they are the super IT GUY/GIRL who can fix the printer when it goes wrong. The list of printer messages are long ‘ Low Ink ‘, ‘out of Paper ‘, ‘ Paper Jam’ , ‘Warming up ‘ . So what does Super IT GUY/GIRL  do when he sees a  ‘ Low Ink ‘ message – He pulls the toner cartridge out and gives it a shake witch sends toner powder all over the office and down the clothes of said user. The ‘PAPER JAM’ – with no clue at all this user will tug on the jammed sheets of paper until loads of torn paper bits are send in to the dark depths of the printer – At this point the printer is now out of service until a printer Engineer turns up to remove these small bits. –  ‘The Warming up’ – This is where the machine is starting up and turning it off and on again will not make it load any quicker.

Now it is well known that there is a ‘Ether ‘ this is were 80% of unprinted documents turn up – this place has no location and cannot be found it is a mystery to even the most advance technician. Some users have their own way of doing things and use these because they are unable to find the setting they require,  For example please see the attached Image which shows the “How to load Special Paper a.k.a The Printer Sprint “


The curse of the Peer 2 peer

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Keen torrent downloaders may have noticed that the mighty pirate bay website has been playing in the dark as Swedish authorities were in the process of attempting to seize the current domain. Pirate Bay, known for their shadow games moved from a Swedish .se to a greenland .gl domain in the early hours of Tuesday morning before the seize was put in place.

Thursday morning many users noticed that the sites on both .se and .gl were both down but now the .se site is back up and running . Tweets went out all over the tweeter network of upset torrenters that could not access the mighty Pirate Bay Site.

A Greenlandic telecoms company ‘Tele-Post’ the company reasonable for all .gl domains fired a mighty flaming cannon ball at the ship of Pirate Bay stating that they were concerned that the domain was going to be used for “illegal” uses.

In the process of playing the shadow games that Pirate Bay are so well known for they thought they had found a home port finally in the tiny Denmark town. However the new hosts decided to fire its Barking Irons at the file sharing company by blocking access to two of the domains of pirate bay.

Pirate bay have been Anchored in Sweden for a while due the support from the pirate party in the Scandinavian nation and the use of the .se domain. The Captain of the ship Pirate Bay stated that he had plenty of new sea dogs at his disposal just in case his first mate and crew got killed in the line of duty.

Will the curse continue to haunt this ship of freedom or will it end up in Davey Jones locker

Microsoft Refund Azure Cloud Users

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Redmond Giant has stated that compensation will be paid to the users of the Azure Cloud system after the system was offline for 12 Hours due to a expired SSL Certificate. The users of the Azure system were greeted with what has been labelled the “blue sky of death” from the well-known “Blue screen of death”(BSOD). The Redmond’s SLA (service Level agreements) state that Credits will be given to users of the Azure system . Windows Azure was taken down by a silly error, The error caused wide outage across every part of the company’s network including the XBOX live network going down. Redmond confirmed the cause of the problem at 8PM on Saturday and that all systems where back online.

Statement form Microsoft said:
“Given the scope of the outage, we will pro-actively provide credits to impacted customers in accordance with our SLA,”

SLA’s at Microsoft state that the provide to be up for 99.9% of the time This works out to be that they would allow for nine hours downtime – Azure was down for nine hours.

Compensation of credits will not really cost Microsoft anything but least there are admitting fault, While the offer of Compensation is acceptable I feel that most people will be wondering how this silly schoolboy error actually happened and how they will safe guard this in the future.

Internet Explorer 10 is on its way and here to stay

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After the long wait from Microsoft, the development team have released Internet Explorer 10 to users of Windows 7. Users of Windows 7 will get the update from the windows update service over the next few days.

This update has been on hold while the Windows 8 quick fixes and updates were rolling out during the launch phase.  With Internet Explorer being Microsoft’s preferred browser of choice for Windows 8 and Server 2012, preparing IE10 for Windows 7 was not such an easy task. Currently there are no plans for any updates for Windows Vista or indeed the dying Windows XP.

A statement from the Internet Explorer development team said: “With this final release, IE10 brings the same leading standards support, with improved performance, security, privacy, reliability that consumers enjoy on Windows 8, to Windows 7 customers,”

Sources for Internet Explorer 10 have said that the new version is 20% faster for real websites in tests against the current top dog Google Chrome. As well as this, the new version also states compatibility with 30 new web standards that were not compatible in Internet Explorer 9. This pushes the standards forward providing improvements to hardware acceleration for many features.

To demonstrate the new features and improvements Microsoft decided to show off with a fully working game of Minesweeper that is based on HTML5 and other recent web standards.

No official date has been given for the start of the roll out via Windows Update, only that it will be in the next few weeks and all customers running Windows Seven and Server 2008 R2 SP1 will be able to receive the update.

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