Tetrabyte Hosted Exchange


Tetrabyte Managed I.T. now offers Hosted Exchange – the cheap but fully functional alternative to an on-site Exchange server.

Let Tetrabyte take the work away from you – rather than paying out thousands for an onsite Exchange server with little redundancy, we’ll host your E-Mails in our 24/7 staffed data centre. With dedicated servers hosting your E-Mails you can be sure of the fastest possible speeds, and with daily backups and redundant servers you won’t see any downtime.

If you need to talk to us in regards to your Hosted Exchange (such as help setting up your account on Outlook or a smartphone), you can get in contact with us on our dedicated 0800 number – you will be speaking to one of our expert engineers within a couple of minutes.

Some benefits of Tetrabyte Managed Hosted Exchange:

  • Perfect low-cost solution for businesses
  • Access your E-Mail from your smartphone
  • Synchronize your E-Mails with your Microsoft Outlook client
  • No need for the capital or knowledge to set-up your own Microsoft Exchange server
  • Network and Server redundancy to keep your important E-Mails safe
  • Access your E-Mails via a web interface wherever you are.

Tetrabyte Managed Hosted Exchange is perfect for a business of any size – if you’re a small business you’ll save £1000’s as you won’t have to purchase an Exchange server, and if you’re a large business you’ll have the peace of mind that all your important E-Mails are hosted in top-quality data centres manned by expert engineers 24/7.