I.T. Support Comedy: Toilet technology targets boredom in the mens room

Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

A whole new dimension of Toilet Humour

Taking a trip to the bathroom to a whole new level, A UK design team has invented “a urinal-mounted games console” which it hopes will “relieve men of boredom across the country”.

Not sure how bored you can actually get, going to the bathroom for 3 minutes, but the idea is certainly entertain to say the least, I.T. Comedy gold.

The Games console is mounted above a traditional ceramic toilet bowl. The devise uses infra-red censors to make going to the bathroom into an opportunity to play games.

A bar in south London is the first to purchase and install the product, which it hopes will attract plenty of extra punters, to use the new installation.

The BBC were kind enough to go to the bar, and test out the equipment for you’re viewing pleasure.

Hopefully soon they will include Facebook and ultrafast highspeed broadband with it too.


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