Will ‘cloud’ computing used for storage ever crash?

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

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Concerns over cloud computing and online storage.

Since the take down of Megaupload there has been a growing concern among users, who use cloud computing for online storage and back up.

Megaupload was shutdown by authorities in the United States (US) after it was accused of knowingly letting users share copyrighted files illegally, costing copyright holders an estimated $500m (£315m).

But the site also had many users, who used the site for legitimate reasons, such as sharing personal photos and documents.

It has become fairly common for internet users to use these online storage websites often referred to as “cloud computing” in their day to day activities.

But how safe are our personal files if authorities can removed them without warning?

How safe are files stored online?

While it is possible for individual servers and websites to be taken down it would be impossible for the entire could computing system to fail at once.

Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro says: “The cloud, much like the internet, is not one single system reliant on one single connection. For the whole cloud to disappear is pretty much inconceivable.”

While it is possible for individual cloud servers to suffer a failure as a result of physical damage to the hardware or a similar event like that of Megaupload.

So while it is unlikely you will lose all of your data on a cloud data system without warning, it is recommended you always make backups on your local storage or on 2 different services as a safeguard.