iPad 2 – Battery Life Revamp?

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

Apple has covertly released an upgrade to the old iPad 2. Without releasing details they have been placing these newer versions into the supply chain along with the previous model of the iPad 2.

Tetrabyte Managed IT Business Support iPad2

This new version has a very minor change with perhaps a rather drastic outcome – there are claims that the iPad 2.4 has up to 29.1% longer battery due to a change in one of the chips used.

With such an increase in battery life the iPad 2.4 may have a three hour battery life advantage over the new iPad 3.

Apart from the retina display and the 4G which doesn’t actually work in the UK, the iPad 3 isn’t really much different to the iPad 2 – to be honest, if I were to choose between them I’d probably go for the iPad 2.