Data Roaming Whilst Abroad

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

If you’re thinking of going on holiday remember to be extra careful when it comes to using your mobile abroad – there have been many reports of mobile companies charging excessive amounts for a small amount of data usage.

If I use my iPhone within the United kingdom then my data bolt-on will cost me £6 a month for 500MB, but if I take my iPhone to Spain then this is going to cost me £3.06 per MB on top of my monthly bolt-on.

I use about 400MB a month, so if I go to Spain for two weeks then this is going to be roughly 200MB – costing me a total of £612!

These charges are phenomenal, and despite Ofcom claiming that they will make these charges transparent they don’t seem to be – I had to have a very lengthy conversation with O2 in order to obtain this information!

James – the Business Director at Tetrabyte went to Spain for a week, lets take a look at his charges after Orange failed to apply the data roaming package as requested:


Bear in mind that he was being extra careful and wasn’t using his iPhone to browse the Internet during this time.

So if you’re going abroad, it might be best to just switch data roaming off altogether…