Browser Wars; The Phantom Menace?

Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

Ever since the Internet became a consumer accessible service there have been talks about which browser is the best.

At first there was NetScape which dominated the market, and then came along Internet Explorer; Microsoft’s flagship Internet browser.

When Mozilla FireFox entered the arena it stole a good proportion of the market share, but it took a few years until it became a real competitor and threat to Internet Explorer.

NetScape fell over night – people stopped using it when Internet Explorer and FireFox dominated.

In September 2008 Google announced their attempt to enter the market – with the promise of a lightweight browsing experience and the dominance of Google’s Search Engine, Google were able to deliver their browser to a fair share of the market.

Unfortunately, whilst Google is indeed a lightweight and pretty speedy browser it suffered from a fair few serious flaws. It has problems rendering certain code making it difficult for a web developer to make their websites compatible with it, it isn’t very extensible as there are few useful plug-ins for users to install and perhaps the most damning point – it loves to collect your data.

Google makes it’s money from using the data it obtains from it’s users. Chrome is no exception – it sends each and every website you visit to it’s servers in order to return back to Google whether or not the page is safe. Given Google’s history regarding user privacy, you can be sure they store this information to ‘improve’ their advertising.