4G Mobile Services – Will Cause Interference with Freeview

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

Experts have warned that the 4G spectrum, expected to be launched next year, will cause interference to those using Freeview to access digital television.

Tetrabyte Managed I.T. - 4G Mobile Network Inference with Freeview

2012 is the year that the last analogue transmitter will be switched off, and digital television will be available to the majority of the United Kingdom.

Mobile companies have been waiting for this to happen so they can utilise the unused frequencies for terrestrial television to broadcast the 4G mobile spectrum nationwide – the benefit of this being faster mobile Internet speeds and better penetration of the mobile signal inside buildings.

Unfortunately, utilising this old spectrum will cause interference to many Freeview receivers in the United Kingdom, resulting in loss of TV signal and potential ‘noise’ coming through your TV set speakers.

Ilse Howling, head of Freeview has put the onus on the government to supply homes affected with a ‘filter’ to reduce this interference. Hopefully the government will subsidise this otherwise the digital switch-over might cause more problems than it solves…