No Windows 8 Start Menu? Thats Fine Just Buy Samsung

Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by Ashley No Comments

With many users complaining about the lack of a user friendly start menu for the new Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System, Microsoft seems to be burying their heads in the sand about these concerns and insisting that the new Metro Modern U.I. is the way forward into the future.

However, it seems that a clever manufacturer have found the ideal solution to this, early pictures of Samsungs new Series 7 Machines have revealed an inventive way of using the desktop widgets that started with Windows 7, The Samsung S Launcher widget looks and acts exactly like a Windows 7 Start Menu and allows users to open files and launch programs directly from the widget.

We at would imagine that Samsung plan to release this App in all upcoming versions of windows 8, I wonder how long before other manufacturers follow suit.

Notes: If your looking to download a Windows 8 Start Menu or add the Windows 7 Start menu for Windows 8 we would suggest you head over to