Above and beyond the Call of Duty, Modern Warfare for an I.T. Support Team

Posted on: December 20th, 2012 by Ashley No Comments

At noon today we got a phone call from a client who has our Full Tetrabyte Managed IT Support Package reporting that the power in their office had gone down, Tetrabyte supplied UPS devices were protecting their servers but a call to the electricity company and they were told that the power was going to be off for up to 24 hours, far longer than the power supplies would last.

This firm deals with vulnerable people in the local community and requires computer systems to be available to ensure the safety of staff and clients. Obviously without power, this was not going to be possible.

Tetrabyte Managed IT support engineers jumped in to action, armed with the right facilities and know how we attended site, collected the servers and moved them to the Tetrabyte Head Office where we established an internet connection from our reserve line and connection was re-established to mobile and office workers.

The client has been able to re-continue business and the effect and risk to the vulnerable people in the local areas was minimised.

Tetrabyte recognise the importance of this type of work and can provide cover for any situation.

Does your IT support team give you the support that you need when you need it? Are they willing to go that extra step outside their contracted obligations? If not then give Tetrabyte Managed IT a call and see how they can keep your business working for you.