Microsoft Refund Azure Cloud Users

Posted on: March 4th, 2013 by Ashley No Comments

Redmond Giant has stated that compensation will be paid to the users of the Azure Cloud system after the system was offline for 12 Hours due to a expired SSL Certificate. The users of the Azure system were greeted with what has been labelled the “blue sky of death” from the well-known “Blue screen of death”(BSOD). The Redmond’s SLA (service Level agreements) state that Credits will be given to users of the Azure system . Windows Azure was taken down by a silly error, The error caused wide outage across every part of the company’s network including the XBOX live network going down. Redmond confirmed the cause of the problem at 8PM on Saturday and that all systems where back online.

Statement form Microsoft said:
“Given the scope of the outage, we will pro-actively provide credits to impacted customers in accordance with our SLA,”

SLA’s at Microsoft state that the provide to be up for 99.9% of the time This works out to be that they would allow for nine hours downtime – Azure was down for nine hours.

Compensation of credits will not really cost Microsoft anything but least there are admitting fault, While the offer of Compensation is acceptable I feel that most people will be wondering how this silly schoolboy error actually happened and how they will safe guard this in the future.