The curse of the Peer 2 peer

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 by Tetrabyte No Comments


Keen torrent downloaders may have noticed that the mighty pirate bay website has been playing in the dark as Swedish authorities were in the process of attempting to seize the current domain. Pirate Bay, known for their shadow games moved from a Swedish .se to a greenland .gl domain in the early hours of Tuesday morning before the seize was put in place.

Thursday morning many users noticed that the sites on both .se and .gl were both down but now the .se site is back up and running . Tweets went out all over the tweeter network of upset torrenters that could not access the mighty Pirate Bay Site.

A Greenlandic telecoms company ‘Tele-Post’ the company reasonable for all .gl domains fired a mighty flaming cannon ball at the ship of Pirate Bay stating that they were concerned that the domain was going to be used for “illegal” uses.

In the process of playing the shadow games that Pirate Bay are so well known for they thought they had found a home port finally in the tiny Denmark town. However the new hosts decided to fire its Barking Irons at the file sharing company by blocking access to two of the domains of pirate bay.

Pirate bay have been Anchored in Sweden for a while due the support from the pirate party in the Scandinavian nation and the use of the .se domain. The Captain of the ship Pirate Bay stated that he had plenty of new sea dogs at his disposal just in case his first mate and crew got killed in the line of duty.

Will the curse continue to haunt this ship of freedom or will it end up in Davey Jones locker