The How-To of the office shared printer

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 by Ashley No Comments

If you work in an office then you will know the troubles that are faced with a shared office printer. The printer driver that does not give you the settings you require, the ‘update’ to the printer driver that stops the computer printing all together or the point where someone has held up all the prints because they are making copies of their report 50 times over with double sided and stapled.

Every office has a printer and every office has an office member who thinks they are the super IT GUY/GIRL who can fix the printer when it goes wrong. The list of printer messages are long ‘ Low Ink ‘, ‘out of Paper ‘, ‘ Paper Jam’ , ‘Warming up ‘ . So what does Super IT GUY/GIRL  do when he sees a  ‘ Low Ink ‘ message – He pulls the toner cartridge out and gives it a shake witch sends toner powder all over the office and down the clothes of said user. The ‘PAPER JAM’ – with no clue at all this user will tug on the jammed sheets of paper until loads of torn paper bits are send in to the dark depths of the printer – At this point the printer is now out of service until a printer Engineer turns up to remove these small bits. –  ‘The Warming up’ – This is where the machine is starting up and turning it off and on again will not make it load any quicker.

Now it is well known that there is a ‘Ether ‘ this is were 80% of unprinted documents turn up – this place has no location and cannot be found it is a mystery to even the most advance technician. Some users have their own way of doing things and use these because they are unable to find the setting they require,  For example please see the attached Image which shows the “How to load Special Paper a.k.a The Printer Sprint “