Google Android 4.1; Jelly Bean Announced

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Google has announced their latest Operating System upgrade for their Android phones.

Dubbed ‘Jelly Bean’, the latest OS features new functionality such as voice control – seen to be a direct competitor to Apple’s Siri personal assistant.

With security enhancements, new functionality and minor quirks in other areas, Jelly Bean seems to be the perfect Operating System for a smartphone, although unfortunately most people aren’t likely to see this any time soon.

The majority of users are still running Android Gingerbread, with only a few on the latest ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’; the blame is being put on manufacturers for not pushing these updates out to their users.

Apple iPhone 5 – Smaller Data / Charging Port Confirmed

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According to reports the next generation of iPhone will feature a 19-pin socket for data and charging rather than the current 30-pin socket.

The move, confirmed by three independent manufacturers is a surprise to those awaiting the next generation device.

As of the Apple iPod third generation Apple has used a standard socket size for all it’s iPhones, iPads and iPods, all in a bid to make them compatible with any Apple data / power cable.

It is unknown how the next generation iPhone will work with docking stations – the previous larger socket provided stability for the iPhone, but it seems unlikely that due to the decrease in size this will be used for that purpose any longer.

Apple iOS 6 Officially Unveiled

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Apple have officially announced the next update to iOS – iOS 6.

The new iOS features a new 3D mapping system, useful for deciding routes, finding places and as an integrated SatNav system.

Dubbed ‘iOS Maps’, the system features traffic information in real-time and enables users to see detailed information about the places around them.

Developers of Apple Apps have access to a limited ‘beta’ version of iOS 6, but everyone else will have to wait until the autumn – the same time the iPhone 5 is expected to be released.

Are you looking forward to the next iPhone and iOS 6?

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Rumoured iPhone 5 Specifications Revealed

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According to an undisclosed but trusted source, the iPhone 5 will feature double the amount of RAM than the iPhone 4S, a much faster (although unspecified) CPU and a screen size of just over four inches.

Not to mention the retina display.

Whilst Apple tend to keep their innovations and new products secret until they’re released, the iPhone 5 is so highly anticipated that even Apple are finding it incredibly difficult to keep the specifications and release date secret.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released sometime in October 2012, but unfortunately due to Apple’s secrecy the release date can’t be confirmed until Apple officially announce it themselves.

Facebook Creates New iPhone App – Mimics Instagram

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Facebook has released a new app designed for the iPhone.

This app, named ‘Camera’, is very similar to the popular social networking app called ‘Instagram’ – a tool designed for users to take a picture, add effects and instantly upload it to the social network for everyone to see.

Whilst ‘Camera’ isn’t as aesthetic as Instagram, it’s main benefit over the popular social networking app is that it can upload multiple photos at once, meaning that members can share photos of events, days out and gatherings all at once rather than uploading them one at a time.

Facebook recently put in a bid to purchase Instagram for $1.1bn, and despite the deal having not been completed yet it seems that Facebook are looking to maintain their dominance in the mobile social networking market.

Apple iCloud Crashes

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Apple’s iCloud reportedly crashed on Monday leaving around about 12% of users unable to access their iCloud mail.

Whilst Apple hasn’t released a press statement, some believe it may have something to do with testing a new feature for sharing photos via iCloud.

Apple’s iCloud allows owners of Apple devices running iOS 5.0 and above to store a backup of their device in the event of it being lost, stolen or broken. You can simply connect another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your iCloud account and download all your data.

In the event of this service failing millions of users could be faced with a loss of data. So be careful – no backup solution is perfect; always keep a backup of your data!

Apple iPad 3 – Not 4G Compatible!

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Apple has now publicly confirmed that the iPad 3 – Apple’s latest innovation in the iPad range will never be 4G compatible, despite it being advertised as the “iPad 3 WiFi + 4G”.

The reason Apple gives for labelling their latest iPad as 4G is because the whole concept of 4G is open to interpretation – they believe that a faster 3G connection is equal to 4G, despite it not being a 4G connection.

Either way, the iPad 3 cannot connect to a 4G network in the UK (when they’re released) as it isn’t even compatible and never will be.

Apple have actually modified the sales page on their website – it no longer brands the iPad 3 as 4G, but instead labels it as “Wi-Fi + Cellular”.

Tetrabyte Business I.T. Support - Apple iPad 3 Not 4G Compatible

Data Roaming Whilst Abroad

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If you’re thinking of going on holiday remember to be extra careful when it comes to using your mobile abroad – there have been many reports of mobile companies charging excessive amounts for a small amount of data usage.

If I use my iPhone within the United kingdom then my data bolt-on will cost me £6 a month for 500MB, but if I take my iPhone to Spain then this is going to cost me £3.06 per MB on top of my monthly bolt-on.

I use about 400MB a month, so if I go to Spain for two weeks then this is going to be roughly 200MB – costing me a total of £612!

These charges are phenomenal, and despite Ofcom claiming that they will make these charges transparent they don’t seem to be – I had to have a very lengthy conversation with O2 in order to obtain this information!

James – the Business Director at Tetrabyte went to Spain for a week, lets take a look at his charges after Orange failed to apply the data roaming package as requested:


Bear in mind that he was being extra careful and wasn’t using his iPhone to browse the Internet during this time.

So if you’re going abroad, it might be best to just switch data roaming off altogether…

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