Fibre Optic Broadband Rollout Delayed – Ugly Cabinets

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BT have been rolling out fibre-optic Broadband across the UK to provide higher speeds to both home users and businesses.

So far this has been progressing well, but two London boroughs – Chelsea and Kensington have refused this upgrade due to the ‘ugly’ cabinets.

The new cabinets are about 50cm taller and a little less thicker than the old ones – they will also be replacing the existing cabinets so there won’t actually be an increase in cabinets.

Unfortunately this is bad news for businesses in the two boroughs; in this day and age businesses are expecting faster Broadband, and such attempts to thwart this increase in Broadband might just cause a stir…

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Sky Broadband Blocks Access to Pirate Bay

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Sky Broadband has now blocked access to The Pirate Bay on instruction of a court.

Tetrabyte Managed I.T. - Sky Broadband Blocks Access to Pirate Bay

Sky are following the likes of Virgin Media and Everything Everywhere who have already obliged with the court order.

The next ISPs on the list to block The Pirate Bay are BT, O2 and TalkTalk who have slightly longer to block the website.

Although ISPs are starting to block The Pirate Bay this hasn’t stopped people accessing it. TPB have been setting up new IP Addresses and domains to bypass the blocks and enabling users to access the website.

4G Mobile Services – Will Cause Interference with Freeview

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Experts have warned that the 4G spectrum, expected to be launched next year, will cause interference to those using Freeview to access digital television.

Tetrabyte Managed I.T. - 4G Mobile Network Inference with Freeview

2012 is the year that the last analogue transmitter will be switched off, and digital television will be available to the majority of the United Kingdom.

Mobile companies have been waiting for this to happen so they can utilise the unused frequencies for terrestrial television to broadcast the 4G mobile spectrum nationwide – the benefit of this being faster mobile Internet speeds and better penetration of the mobile signal inside buildings.

Unfortunately, utilising this old spectrum will cause interference to many Freeview receivers in the United Kingdom, resulting in loss of TV signal and potential ‘noise’ coming through your TV set speakers.

Ilse Howling, head of Freeview has put the onus on the government to supply homes affected with a ‘filter’ to reduce this interference. Hopefully the government will subsidise this otherwise the digital switch-over might cause more problems than it solves…

Broadband Subsidy – BT and Virgin Media Disagree

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BT and Virgin Media are in disagreements in regards to how the funds for setting up rural Broadband are allocated.

There have been two rural contracts up for grabs – both sponsored by the government and worth a fair amount of money. Both of these contracts have been won by BT.

The problem here is that BT have such a monopoly over the market that they have the infrastructure to build upon – other ISP’s which run on the backs of BT don’t have their own Broadband infrastructure meaning that winning these contracts would be far more expensive that it would be for BT.

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Browser Wars; The Phantom Menace?

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Ever since the Internet became a consumer accessible service there have been talks about which browser is the best.

At first there was NetScape which dominated the market, and then came along Internet Explorer; Microsoft’s flagship Internet browser.

When Mozilla FireFox entered the arena it stole a good proportion of the market share, but it took a few years until it became a real competitor and threat to Internet Explorer.

NetScape fell over night – people stopped using it when Internet Explorer and FireFox dominated.

In September 2008 Google announced their attempt to enter the market – with the promise of a lightweight browsing experience and the dominance of Google’s Search Engine, Google were able to deliver their browser to a fair share of the market.

Unfortunately, whilst Google is indeed a lightweight and pretty speedy browser it suffered from a fair few serious flaws. It has problems rendering certain code making it difficult for a web developer to make their websites compatible with it, it isn’t very extensible as there are few useful plug-ins for users to install and perhaps the most damning point – it loves to collect your data.

Google makes it’s money from using the data it obtains from it’s users. Chrome is no exception – it sends each and every website you visit to it’s servers in order to return back to Google whether or not the page is safe. Given Google’s history regarding user privacy, you can be sure they store this information to ‘improve’ their advertising.

HTML 5; The Future of The Web?

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HTML is the foundation of every web page you see on the Internet – all other coding languages produce HTML as an end result which is then interpreted by your web browser, which in turn gives you the web pages you see.

In recent times web developers have been pushing for the latest version of HTML to be used – known as HTML 5. This is a far more up-to-date version with a lot of new features. One of the main points about HTML 5 is that is cuts out the reliance upon third party pieces of software such as Adobe Flash Player – this is because HTML 5 is so much more advanced that it can play videos using it’s own native code rather than having to waste CPU usage and opening up security holes.

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The Importance of Backing Up

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Backing up your IT System is probably something you’ve always planned on doing but have never actually gotten round to doing it.

Tetrabyte Managed IT Remote Off Site Backup

Why Backup?

Imagine one day your company is working on a large project – it’s a huge contract for a lot of money. You and your staff are happily working away looking forward to completing the project and reaping the reward when suddenly, “Connection to the network has been lost.” appears on your computer screen.

You shrug it off and reboot your computer in the hopes you can continue where you left off. 10 minutes later when you’re still unable to work an employee comes to your office – “uhh, boss? I think the servers blown up.” Sure enough, upon investigation it turns out the server has died and all data has been lost. This scenario could mean the end of your business.

Fortunately, if you’d had a nightly backup handy you would have been able to restore back to last night – you may have lost a few hours work, but at least once a new server is in place and the backup restored you will be able to continue from that backup.

So a word of advice, always keep a backup!

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4G Mobile Network Campaign

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Over the past few weeks the 4G mobile spectrum has been discussed more than ever – perhaps mostly since Apple released the iPad 3, capable of 4G communications.

4G is the next generation mobile connection – this is already widespread across countries such as Japan, the US and Germany.

The United Kingdom is far behind with 4G, there are only a few very small areas covered by this spectrum.

The mobile company ‘Everything Everywhere’ has recently been pushing for Ofcom to allow mobile networks to use the old analogue spectrum freed up by the Digital TV switch-over. This would be beneficial to consumers due to the fact that the 800MHz spectrum is far greater at penetrating buildings and thus enabling more coverage for mobile devices.

Hopefully this recent push will get the ball rolling and enable access to 4G for increasingly more people.

Lets wait and see…

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