The How-To of the office shared printer

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If you work in an office then you will know the troubles that are faced with a shared office printer. The printer driver that does not give you the settings you require, the ‘update’ to the printer driver that stops the computer printing all together or the point where someone has held up all the prints because they are making copies of their report 50 times over with double sided and stapled.

Every office has a printer and every office has an office member who thinks they are the super IT GUY/GIRL who can fix the printer when it goes wrong. The list of printer messages are long ‘ Low Ink ‘, ‘out of Paper ‘, ‘ Paper Jam’ , ‘Warming up ‘ . So what does Super IT GUY/GIRL  do when he sees a  ‘ Low Ink ‘ message – He pulls the toner cartridge out and gives it a shake witch sends toner powder all over the office and down the clothes of said user. The ‘PAPER JAM’ – with no clue at all this user will tug on the jammed sheets of paper until loads of torn paper bits are send in to the dark depths of the printer – At this point the printer is now out of service until a printer Engineer turns up to remove these small bits. –  ‘The Warming up’ – This is where the machine is starting up and turning it off and on again will not make it load any quicker.

Now it is well known that there is a ‘Ether ‘ this is were 80% of unprinted documents turn up – this place has no location and cannot be found it is a mystery to even the most advance technician. Some users have their own way of doing things and use these because they are unable to find the setting they require,  For example please see the attached Image which shows the “How to load Special Paper a.k.a The Printer Sprint “


I.T. Support by Postman Pat

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When this was sent to me by a colleague I thought it would be the perfect update for our fans out there. This Comical sketch from the BBC shows just what happens when users try to fix things themselves. So next time your thinking of opening it up to see if you can find the problem, give a small thought to your I.T. Support team who have to pick up the pieces afterwards.

If you don’t happen to have a reliable I.T. Support service, you may think about looking at Tetrabyte Managed IT Support service that offers you and your business Unlimited Remote I.T. support for a single low monthly fee.

Windows 8, The Final Word

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Windows 8 is heralded as the next operating system from Microsoft but with major changes to the user interface how will businesses take it.

First off, we need to look at the key difference in the operating system, as Microsoft look towards the future they see trends of people picking up tablet devices and mobile phones, not sitting at desktops and typing for hours. This has lead to the development of the new ‘Modern U.I.’ (Previously known as ‘Metro U.I.’), a radically different user interface than what our users know today. This ‘Modern U.I.’ replaces the Windows 7 Start menu with a full screen, bright and bold interface comprised of tiles rather than standard shortcut links. These tiles are able to show live information from sources such as weather and social media sites.

This unfortunately for businesses means that users have a large amount of scrolling to do to before they see that normal programs, Programs are arranged in an ad-hoc way rather than the standard alphabetical list users are used to. With customisation users can arrange the icons to display up to 24 tiles on the first screen, normally enough for most users. However in my experience, most users wont do this, Windows XP, Vista and 7 all had features available to “Pin to Start” since 2002 yet I still see a significant number of users relying on the ‘recently opened programs list’ and getting very confused when an application disappears.

As a side note, When looking at the New ‘Modern U.I.’ take a look back at Windows 3.1 Program manager (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_Manager) and let me know if you see anything familiar, Have we really moved forward?

Next we look at the ‘Modern U.I.’ Apps themselves, designed for a world of touch screen devices they seem to include larger bold interfaces, and few features the business workforce will find this slow and bulky from general workstations.

The one saving grace we have is the option to run these items in the normal Windows 7 style desktop environment, but it does mean just another couple of clicks every time we want to start a program. By default Windows 8 include no way to open internet explorer directly on the desktop, the user must first open the ‘modern U.I.’ App and then switch to the desktop mode using the spanner icon at the bottom of the screen.

As you may have noticed, the windows in the above preview do not have traditional close buttons and there is not task bar at the bottom of the screen to allow switching between apps, instead everything must be found by learning a series of gestures that are designed for a hand not a mouse and never seem to work first time you try them. To close a Modern UI app the user must grab an imaginary handle somewhere at the top of the windows and drag the app down to the bottom of the screen out the way. To switch between applications the user must move the mouse to the top left hand corner, until the task switching icon appears, once this has appeared the user needs to swipe the mouse down the side of the screen without moving too far from the edge. and if done correctly the user should see a task bar appear similar to below.

However you wont be able to switch directly into most programs, instead you must first load the desktop, then switch to the programs you want in the normal windows 7 methods by using the bottom task bar. These modification make the user experience feel like you are running two completely different operating systems, firstly the windows 7 that we are all familiar with, and secondly an operating system designed beautifully to work for touch screen tablets and phones but with no regard to the workforce who generally make up the largest proportion of an operating systems sales. While both interfaces work well for their purpose, Microsoft seems to have attempted to bolt the two together and have created something that totally fails to form a practical operating system for the corporate marketplace.


Irony: BT’s Broadband services status information page suffers downtime.

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Here is an image of BT’s Service Status Information Page

IT Support Downtime


BT have left a customer notice stating “We are currently experiencing problems with the BT MyOffice Portal, which may mean that some customers may have trouble accessing: Help & Support and Web Chat. Sorry about this. Our engineers are investigating the situation and we hope to have it resolved shortly.”

You can almost taste the irony when the page that informs customers whether or not their services is experiencing downtime, suffers from downtime.

Since posting this message services seems to be in the process of returning to normal, but it’s still worth remembering; nobody is perfect.


I.T. Comedy: Why do we check our voice mail?

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Why do we check our voice mail?

IT Support Study of voice mail

IT Support Study of voice mail shows real reason we check our voicemail

According to new research, only a small fraction of people check their voicemail because they actually care to hear the voicemail. The rest only care about getting rid of the annoying symbol that keeps popping up until you listen to the voicemail in question. Does this new research show that our society has naturally become a little OCD??

This graph shows the results of a new study that show why we check our voice mail? What do you think? We think it’s pretty accurate!

Business I.T. Support: What is Technological Agnosticism?

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Tetrabyte – Business I.T. Support: A technologically agnostic company.

World Wide Web - Tetrabyte-Business-IT-Support-Internet-News

Technological Agnosticism

Technological Agnosticism – There’s always room for a bit of relentless self-promotion on a blog post as long as the post is interesting and has a purpose beside mindless self-indulgence.

What is Technological Agnosticism?

It is all well and good to imply that Tetrabyte is a technologically agnostic company, but what does that actually mean?

You may already know, at least to some degree, but just to clear up any confusion; it hasn’t got anything to do with religion. Now that’s out of the way, we can proceed.

Technological Agnosticism is the idea that you are open to all types of technology.

There are far too many companies in the world of Business I.T. Support that are overly biased toward a particular operating system.

Some basic rules for being technologically agnostic are:

  • Research technologies before you adopt them, and while you’re using them.
  • Avoid becoming emotionally attached to a particular technology.
  • Always research technologies that compete with your current tools set.
  • Avoid building into a technological dead end.
  • Keep an open mind about new systems and technologies.

Why is technological agnosticism important for a Business I.T. Support company like Tetrabyte?

The ever increasing pace of technology and changes in the business sector require engineers to be innovative in both how we maintain and adopt technologies.

A Business I.T Support Company should always be open to their customers’ needs and be willing to work the way the customer wants.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule where a customer should take an I.T. engineers advice, after all, it’s in the engineers best interested that your business runs as smoothly as possible.

It means a more relaxing day for them and you, therefore creating a better business relationship.

Whatever personal computer (PC) you use, Windows, Mac, Linux… Tetrabyte is able to work with what you have, unless it’s just straight up broken of course, in that case, it’s probably a case of ordering a new PC on your behalf.

But the main point we like to make is that we are an open minded team, we love the innovation of the new and the reliability of the old.

The world of computers is not black and white and it should not be treated as such.

If you would like more information on what we do here at Tetrabyte, you can call us on 0330 900 1066 and one of our friendly “Technologically agnostic” engineers will be happy to help you with your query.

So if there are any other engineers out there, remember to keep an open mind to new ideas about technology.

In relative terms the internet and computers are very young inventions; as such they are subject to rule changes anytime.

The technology you hold so dear now might not even exist in 5 or 10 years’ time, maybe even less. There are many examples of this throughout the last 20 years.

The future is coming, so it’s worthwhile to be ready for it.

I.T. Support Comedy: Toilet technology targets boredom in the mens room

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A whole new dimension of Toilet Humour

Taking a trip to the bathroom to a whole new level, A UK design team has invented “a urinal-mounted games console” which it hopes will “relieve men of boredom across the country”.

Not sure how bored you can actually get, going to the bathroom for 3 minutes, but the idea is certainly entertain to say the least, I.T. Comedy gold.

The Games console is mounted above a traditional ceramic toilet bowl. The devise uses infra-red censors to make going to the bathroom into an opportunity to play games.

A bar in south London is the first to purchase and install the product, which it hopes will attract plenty of extra punters, to use the new installation.

The BBC were kind enough to go to the bar, and test out the equipment for you’re viewing pleasure.

Hopefully soon they will include Facebook and ultrafast highspeed broadband with it too.


Check out the rest of our blog for more business, technology and comedy stories through out the UK.

Business I.T. Support Comedy: Jebs Jobs – Techincal Support Ep1

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Funny I.T. Support Sketch

“The first episode of the award winning 3D animation series finds Jeb behind the tech support desk” – Sometimes working in the office can be  a hard grind so it’s nice to entertain ourselves with a nice bit of I.T. comedy. Of course we here at the offices of Tetrabyte aren’t as bad as this guy, but we can certainly appreciate the humor of this episode of Jeb’s jobs, so we encourage to take a few minutes to kick back and have giggle at this funny little I.T. Support sketch from Weakend Productions.

But if you’re looking for a more serious I.T. Support Company call us here at Tetrabyte Business I.T. Support, we promise to do a better job than Jeb.

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