Seriously Organized Crime Agency Website Taken Down

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The Seriously Organized Crime Agency website has been taken offline by a method known as a ‘Distributed Denial of Service Attack” (DDoS).

Typically this involves using a group of computers called a botnet to flood a web server with a large number of requests. This will result in one of three possibilities:

– The server stays online perfectly fine
– The server slows down so legitimate users are affected
– The server crashes and all websites hosted on that server are unreachable

Fortunately, a DDoS attack isn’t actually a security risk – purely a rather costly inconvenience.

I imagine the SOCA I.T. Support department are running around wondering what to do – probably should have used Tetrabyte Managed I.T.

With DDoS protection Tetrabyte Business Webhosting is your best bet for a high uptime – no fake promises, as our dedicated server is monitored 24/7 by real data-centre engineers.

The Importance of Backing Up

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Backing up your IT System is probably something you’ve always planned on doing but have never actually gotten round to doing it.

Tetrabyte Managed IT Remote Off Site Backup

Why Backup?

Imagine one day your company is working on a large project – it’s a huge contract for a lot of money. You and your staff are happily working away looking forward to completing the project and reaping the reward when suddenly, “Connection to the network has been lost.” appears on your computer screen.

You shrug it off and reboot your computer in the hopes you can continue where you left off. 10 minutes later when you’re still unable to work an employee comes to your office – “uhh, boss? I think the servers blown up.” Sure enough, upon investigation it turns out the server has died and all data has been lost. This scenario could mean the end of your business.

Fortunately, if you’d had a nightly backup handy you would have been able to restore back to last night – you may have lost a few hours work, but at least once a new server is in place and the backup restored you will be able to continue from that backup.

So a word of advice, always keep a backup!

Tetrabyte Managed IT is able to fufill all your backup needs – with Tetrabyte Managed Remote Off-Site backup.

O2 Releases Mobile Wallet App

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O2 has released a long-anticipated mobile wallet app designed for making payments on the go.

According to O2, users will be able to make payments of up to £500 simply by sending a text message. Users will also be able to make contactless payments with their smart phone as long as it is capable of ‘Near-Field Communication’ – I.E, it contains an NFC chip.

‘My O2 Wallet Homepage’

Tetrabyte Business IT - O2 Announces Digital Wallet

At present, there isn’t a charge for using this service, but O2 has made it clear that in the future they will levy a 15P charge for each transaction.

Security Implications

Bringing such easy payments to the consumer market doesn’t come without risks – if someone obtains your phone then all that stands in their way between themselves and your money is a password, so make sure any passwords you have aren’t easy to guess and aren’t written down in a place where someone can find them.

Aside from the risks, this looks like quite an interesting opportunity. I may download this app to try it out and, if I like it, I may be able to leave my wallet at home!

The Media, Hacking, & The Internet

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As you will be aware, there has been a lot in the news over the past few months about websites being hacked and personal details being stolen.

Not only that, but some of these personal details are being published on the Internet for anybody to see.

The motives for these recent hacking attempts aren’t well publicised, but the fact that the hacking attempts (and successes) are broadcast across every media channel you can think of.

So what are the motives?

Well, some may tell you that it’s purely to cause chaos, but let’s take a look at the latest hacking attempt:

The Home Office recently set out plans to monitor the web use of every resident in the United Kingdom – very scary thought. Do you really like the idea of the secret service being able to view everything you do online? Every website you visit? Every E-Mail you send?

I certainly don’t.

In response to this news the hacking collective known as ‘Anonymous’ set out a strategic plan to take the Home Office website offline using a method called a ‘DDOS’ attack – an attack which uses tools to automatically bombard a website with too many requests.

All in all, the headlines may make the bad guys look – well, bad, but do your research. They may turn out not to be so bad after all…

Invasion of Privacy taken to new heights in the UK

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Personal Privacy online has always been a big concern for large groups of people. But any sort of privacy online could be a thing of the past if the government gets its way.

The government is pushing for access to monitor all calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK.

ISP’s will be required by law to give the government full and undisclosed, real time feeds of all data transmitted through their servers.

This will means that even sensitive information like passwords, private letters and documents will be broadcast directly to a government feed monitored by “officials”.

Civil liberties groups have been in uproar at the new proposed plans calling it an “outright invasion of privacy”.

Tory MP David Davis called it “an unnecessary extension of the ability of the state to snoop on ordinary people”.

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