Let’s Do Business

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Here at Tetrabyte Managed IT it’s a busy week. We are in the process of getting ready for the Brighton’s Let’s Do Business exhibition at Brighton racecourse on Thursday. Bringing lots of new Services to the range of Tetrabyte products like the new and improved SpamCleric eMail Filtering System and our UNLIMITED Off Site Backup and all on our 30 day rolling contracts. Do you have this with your current I.T. Support Provider ?

We are at Stand Number 1 at the Brighton’s Let’s Do Business Exhibition showing you how our knowledge and understanding of Businesses and Charities lets Tetrabyte bring you the best I.T. Support at fantastic prices. So come see us at the front of the Let’s Do Business Show at Brighton Racecourse on Thursday 16th May.

If you want to save money and have an excellent I.T. Support firm looking after your I.T. Support then you need to speak to us today – We guarantee to beat your current I.T. Support Costs on any like for like service and as a one off, the first 10 customers that sign up will get an iPad Mini.




The curse of the Peer 2 peer

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Keen torrent downloaders may have noticed that the mighty pirate bay website has been playing in the dark as Swedish authorities were in the process of attempting to seize the current domain. Pirate Bay, known for their shadow games moved from a Swedish .se to a greenland .gl domain in the early hours of Tuesday morning before the seize was put in place.

Thursday morning many users noticed that the sites on both .se and .gl were both down but now the .se site is back up and running . Tweets went out all over the tweeter network of upset torrenters that could not access the mighty Pirate Bay Site.

A Greenlandic telecoms company ‘Tele-Post’ the company reasonable for all .gl domains fired a mighty flaming cannon ball at the ship of Pirate Bay stating that they were concerned that the domain was going to be used for “illegal” uses.

In the process of playing the shadow games that Pirate Bay are so well known for they thought they had found a home port finally in the tiny Denmark town. However the new hosts decided to fire its Barking Irons at the file sharing company by blocking access to two of the domains of pirate bay.

Pirate bay have been Anchored in Sweden for a while due the support from the pirate party in the Scandinavian nation and the use of the .se domain. The Captain of the ship Pirate Bay stated that he had plenty of new sea dogs at his disposal just in case his first mate and crew got killed in the line of duty.

Will the curse continue to haunt this ship of freedom or will it end up in Davey Jones locker

Internet Explorer 10 is on its way and here to stay

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After the long wait from Microsoft, the development team have released Internet Explorer 10 to users of Windows 7. Users of Windows 7 will get the update from the windows update service over the next few days.

This update has been on hold while the Windows 8 quick fixes and updates were rolling out during the launch phase.  With Internet Explorer being Microsoft’s preferred browser of choice for Windows 8 and Server 2012, preparing IE10 for Windows 7 was not such an easy task. Currently there are no plans for any updates for Windows Vista or indeed the dying Windows XP.

A statement from the Internet Explorer development team said: “With this final release, IE10 brings the same leading standards support, with improved performance, security, privacy, reliability that consumers enjoy on Windows 8, to Windows 7 customers,”

Sources for Internet Explorer 10 have said that the new version is 20% faster for real websites in tests against the current top dog Google Chrome. As well as this, the new version also states compatibility with 30 new web standards that were not compatible in Internet Explorer 9. This pushes the standards forward providing improvements to hardware acceleration for many features.

To demonstrate the new features and improvements Microsoft decided to show off with a fully working game of Minesweeper that is based on HTML5 and other recent web standards.

No official date has been given for the start of the roll out via Windows Update, only that it will be in the next few weeks and all customers running Windows Seven and Server 2008 R2 SP1 will be able to receive the update.

Apple appointed responsible for childminding children playing on iOS devices

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Apple are in the progress of paying out compensation to multiple iTunes account owners today due to a large iTunes bills.

Parents Credit cards have been nailed due to free games on Apple iPads and iPhones that allows you to download the game but then encourages you to buy goods in the games such as pods, ammo, vegetables and wood. A suit was filed with the District of California in April 2011 against Apple.

In the suit it cited that games had been designed to require the purchase of extras to allow you to proceed in the game quicker. Let’s face it no one likes to wait.

In the Settlement by apple proposed on Friday and waiting to be agreed on the 1st of March – Apple have approved that if people can prove that their children brought items though the games in a particular 45 day period then they will pay $5 in compensation and full refunds will be available if the requirements are covered.

The bill for the legal case has been stuck at apples door and they are having to pay it. Sums under $30 will be refunded to iTunes accounts not cash and a notification will be posted to all users that made a inapp purchase.

As we are all aware you require your AppleID and password to buy from iTunes but on iOS devices there is a period for 15 mins afterwards where you are not required to re-enter the password to purchase further items. Apple takes 30% of all sales though the app stores.

Since the suit was issued apple have started to put safe guards in and these are available but you do have to wonder what else is possible.

Is this a excuse for parents not being in control of there children or is this Apple being underhand and not letting people know before it to late.

Tumbler, pInterest and Twitter’s Zen is not all calm

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Service provider Zendesk have been at the claws of a successful hacking attempt where the guilty parties were able to breach its networks and download email addresses for users of the social media services such as Tumblr, Pinterest and twitter.

The hacker managed to get in to the support desk for zendesk where they got the information which included message subject lines and email addresses. Although this was the furthest the hackers got they will still be able to match up usernames to email addresses and potentially unmask the anonymous tweeters, pinteresters and tumblers that keep them self hidden from the lime light.

A statement from zendesk read:

“We’re incredibly disappointed that this happened and are committed to doing everything we can to make certain it never happens again,” the firm said. “We’ve already taken steps to improve our procedures and will continue to build even more robust security systems.”

“We are also completely committed to working with authorities to bring anyone involved to justice and make certain we fully understand what happened. As this process unfolds, we aim to update our customers in as transparent and timely a manner as possible about new developments.”

At 03:23 AM this morning Twitter released the following :

Emailing a small percentage of Twitter users who may have been affected by Zendesk’s breach. No passwords involved. http://www.zendesk.com/blog/weve-been-hacked 

At the same time Tumblr sent out a reminder email to all affected uses to not give out password information and watch out for unusual activity.

Swimming up Stream in the Recession.

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Good news this month in Tetrabyte as we welcome two new members of staff to our team. Peter and Amy join our team with the target of getting our message of the excellent support at great prices out to more people nationwide. As Tetrabyte continuously find new ways to provide excellent support our support team have been finding themselves twiddling their thumbs waiting for people to ring up on one to many occasions, our leader has thus taken on a marketing campaign to ensure more people get access to our great support.

Also this month, Tetrabyte are proud to announce the successful launch of the SpamCleric Spam Filtering Service for business email domains. This new service provides a fully redundant market leading SPAM filtering service to Tetrabyte customers with built in Anti-Virus, Spoofing and Fraud detection and daily Anti-Spam reports.

So all round a good month and we are looking forward to many more in the future!!!

Above and beyond the Call of Duty, Modern Warfare for an I.T. Support Team

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At noon today we got a phone call from a client who has our Full Tetrabyte Managed IT Support Package reporting that the power in their office had gone down, Tetrabyte supplied UPS devices were protecting their servers but a call to the electricity company and they were told that the power was going to be off for up to 24 hours, far longer than the power supplies would last.

This firm deals with vulnerable people in the local community and requires computer systems to be available to ensure the safety of staff and clients. Obviously without power, this was not going to be possible.

Tetrabyte Managed IT support engineers jumped in to action, armed with the right facilities and know how we attended site, collected the servers and moved them to the Tetrabyte Head Office where we established an internet connection from our reserve line and connection was re-established to mobile and office workers.

The client has been able to re-continue business and the effect and risk to the vulnerable people in the local areas was minimised.

Tetrabyte recognise the importance of this type of work and can provide cover for any situation.

Does your IT support team give you the support that you need when you need it? Are they willing to go that extra step outside their contracted obligations? If not then give Tetrabyte Managed IT a call and see how they can keep your business working for you.


Google maps makes a return

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Recently reported in the technical news pages of the internet is the return of Google Maps to all IOS devices. After the controversy of apple replacing the Google Maps App on all iOS devices in the recent IOS 6 update.

Along with the return of the Google maps app to IOS devices comes the addition of functions that until now were only seen on Android devices. Features that are included are as follows:

  • Voice guided turn-by-turn directions, with estimated travel times.
  • Indoor panoramic images of buildings that have signed up to its Street View Business Photos service
  • 3D representations of the outlines of buildings that can be viewed from different angles
  • Vector-based graphics based on mathematical lines and points rather than pre-created bitmap graphics, making it quicker to zoom in and out of an area.

Nokia are still a threat to Google maps with their mapping and GPS app. The Nokia camp recently developed an app for iPhone devices to try and break into the ever grown market of iOS devices. By breaking in to the iOS device market allows them the chance to gather feedback and data from apps to allow them to make changes to improve services.

We at Tetrabyte Managed IT feel that the return of Google maps is great and a way to get apple to move faster with the upgrades they have to do.

So if you find yourself lost in the world of I.T call Tetrabyte Managed IT to help you find your way out of the wilderness

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