Above and beyond the Call of Duty, Modern Warfare for an I.T. Support Team

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At noon today we got a phone call from a client who has our Full Tetrabyte Managed IT Support Package reporting that the power in their office had gone down, Tetrabyte supplied UPS devices were protecting their servers but a call to the electricity company and they were told that the power was going to be off for up to 24 hours, far longer than the power supplies would last.

This firm deals with vulnerable people in the local community and requires computer systems to be available to ensure the safety of staff and clients. Obviously without power, this was not going to be possible.

Tetrabyte Managed IT support engineers jumped in to action, armed with the right facilities and know how we attended site, collected the servers and moved them to the Tetrabyte Head Office where we established an internet connection from our reserve line and connection was re-established to mobile and office workers.

The client has been able to re-continue business and the effect and risk to the vulnerable people in the local areas was minimised.

Tetrabyte recognise the importance of this type of work and can provide cover for any situation.

Does your IT support team give you the support that you need when you need it? Are they willing to go that extra step outside their contracted obligations? If not then give Tetrabyte Managed IT a call and see how they can keep your business working for you.


Anti-Virus – Which is The Best?

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One of the main things to consider when using a computer is which Anti-Virus to purchase.

Tetrabyte Business IT Best Anti-Virus Product

There are both free versions and paid versions – generally the paid versions have more features, such as Anti-Spam, Identity Theft Protection and Parental Controls, but do you really need these features from your Anti-Virus suite?

E-Mails – most people use providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and similar online providers which already have this built-in.

Parental Controls – Do you have kids? If so this may be a good idea to have, but there are numerous free options to this such as OpenDNS.

Identity Theft Protection – To be honest, this doesn’t mean much. It may flag up phishing websites here and there but your Anti-Spam will block these from your E-Mails, and Internet Browsers such as FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome do this automatically based on large open-source databases.

The best free Anti-Virus software I would recommend is Microsoft Security Essentials. It doesn’t take up much of your computer resources and isn’t intrusive – it will only pop-up if it detects a virus, and with real-time scanning in the background you’re generally pretty safe.

If you’re interested in Tetrabyte Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, then click here – let us manage the security of your network to allow you to carry on without interruption or the stress of stolen information.

Apple iPad – Misleading 4G Claims Result in Fine

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has made a decision regarding the misleading claims Apple gave to the Australian (and indeed, the UK) consumer.

Apple have been fined $2.25M over the misleading claims.

Apple branded the iPad 3 as the iPad WiFi + 4G – unfortunately when the consumers in Australia started purchasing them expecting super-fast data access on the go, they were met with the standard 3G speeds.

The Apple iPad 3 will never be compatible with the Australian and United Kingdom 4G networks due to differences between the spectrums used in the United States and other countries.

Apple has since re-branded the iPad 3 as the “iPad 3 Wifi + Cellular” in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

LinkedIn Password Database Exploited

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LinkedIn has reportedly been hacked by users of an online Russian forum – the database of passwords (encrypted and salted) has been forcibly exported from the site, along with the details along with the associated user accounts.

Tetrabyte Managed I.T. recommends that you login to LinkedIn and changed your password – ensure that you include capital letters and punctuation within your password so that it can’t be guessed as easily.

We would also recommend that you change your password on any other websites that use the same E-Mail address and password.

Whilst the passwords are encrypted in such a fashion that would be difficult to crack, the Russian forum community has invited users to attempt to crack these passwords.

Iran Finds Cure to Malware Attack

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Iran has found a cure to the malware known as ‘Flame’ – a sophisticated piece of malware designed to infiltrate any network it can and steal data.

The malware injects itself into a network, scans to see what ant-virus software there is on the network and then adjusts itself accordingly to be invisible to the anti-virus software.

Iran has developed tools which can detect Flame and remove the malware from infected machines.

The malware was discovered by a number of security firms working together after thousands of machines hard drives have been miraculously wiped across the Middle East.

Russian Cyber-Criminal Sentenced in Armenian Court

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The cybercrime mastermind who created the ‘Bredolab’ botnet has been sentenced to four years in jail.

Georgiy Avanesov of Russia has been sentenced in an Armenian court – the first time a cyber-criminal has been convicted in Armenia.

The botnet was sending out an estimated 3.0 billion E-Mails a day on behalf of scammers; this was all done using a network of standard everyday computers from all over the world.

The owner of the botnet has an income of about £80,000 a month for his efforts – at the cost of money from the people who were scammed.

In 2010 the police managed to corner the botnet and take control – releasing those computers which were infected and stopping the high volume of spam from being sent.

Data Roaming Whilst Abroad

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If you’re thinking of going on holiday remember to be extra careful when it comes to using your mobile abroad – there have been many reports of mobile companies charging excessive amounts for a small amount of data usage.

If I use my iPhone within the United kingdom then my data bolt-on will cost me £6 a month for 500MB, but if I take my iPhone to Spain then this is going to cost me £3.06 per MB on top of my monthly bolt-on.

I use about 400MB a month, so if I go to Spain for two weeks then this is going to be roughly 200MB – costing me a total of £612!

These charges are phenomenal, and despite Ofcom claiming that they will make these charges transparent they don’t seem to be – I had to have a very lengthy conversation with O2 in order to obtain this information!

James – the Business Director at Tetrabyte went to Spain for a week, lets take a look at his charges after Orange failed to apply the data roaming package as requested:


Bear in mind that he was being extra careful and wasn’t using his iPhone to browse the Internet during this time.

So if you’re going abroad, it might be best to just switch data roaming off altogether…

Clinton Cards in Administration?

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Clinton Cards is preparing for Administration after losses of almost £4m in the second quarter of last year.

Clinton Cards had two loans; one with the Royal Bank of Scotland and one with Barclays – the two banks have recently sold the loans totalling £35m to an American firm; this firm is now enforcing the loans against Clinton Cards. Due to the fact that Clinton Cards cannot meet the conditions of the loan they are now being forced into administration.

Clinton Cards is also the owner of ‘Birthdays’, a similar retail chain specialising in cards.

Maybe sending festive and birthday cards is a dying practice? With the cost of postage increasing dramatically and the popularity of E-Cards rising perhaps people are moving onto the technological equivalents of sending cards?

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