Apple Forced to Run Adverts – Samsung Did Not Copy iPad

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A UK court has ordered Apple to run adverts stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad.

The technology giant must keep a notice on their website for at least six months, and that they must place adverts in newspapers and magazines.

The adverts must “make reference to the court case” and repair the apparent damage to Samsung’s tablet.

This is an embarrassing turnaround for Apple, especially after publicly announcing that Samsung copied their flagship tablet.

O2 Major Network Outage

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O2 has suffered a major network outage affecting millions of customers. Some customers were left without any mobile access for over 24-hours, whilst some people were able to access 2G services (phone calls, texting etc) by yesterday morning.

Whilst everyone knows problems occur it isn’t really good enough that one of the largest mobile operators in the UK can go down like this; businesses and consumers were both affected resulting in loss of business and communication for a vast number of people.

O2 haven’t yet released much information regarding the incident, however it is known that it wasn’t a specific area or range of mobile numbers affected.

We expect more information within the next few days.

Chinese Retailer Offering iPhone 5 Preorders

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A Chinese retailer has started to allow preorders for the Apple iPhone 5, despite it not yet being officially announced by Apple.

The next generation of iPhone is suspected to have a larger screen than it’s predecessors and a revolutionary casing made from liquid metal.

Whilst Apple haven’t officially announced the iPhone 5, it is speculated to be available for retail purchase in September / October 2012.

Meanwhile, iOS 6, the next Operating System for Apple devices is being beta tested by third party developers – this has recently caused a problem whereby these developers have been selling access to the beta version of iOS 6 for as little as $10, undermining Apple’s attempts of secrecy.

BT Business Broadband Leased Lines Package Price Dispute

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B.T. announced today that it has major concerns regarding OFCOM’s proposal to lower the cost of its wholesale Leased Line rental. OFCOM are currently seeking to reduce the price at which BT can sell access to its leased lines down by 8-16%.

This is a major advantage to B.T.’s competitors who rent access to the leased lines in order to provide services to business broadband customers but a problem for B.T. that could face large profit losses if the new proposals go ahead. Over the years B.T. has invested heavily in its infrastructure to provide a good standing for its future and build up a network that rival companies find hard to compete against. OFCOM imposed rules to prevent the monopoly of the network in the UK and forcing B.T. to rent its network out at set costs that allow third parties to offer competitively priced products to end users.

B.T. intend to take its concerns to OFCOM with the objection that after investing in the UK’s broadband network so heavily over the years it should have the ability to make profit for its shareholders and provide funding to re-invest in the future of the UK telecoms network.

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iGoogle Closing Doors – November 1 2013

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Google have announced that they’re closing down their flagship product – iGoogle.

iGoogle is a central homepage which many people use at their gateway to the Internet. It can synchronise iOS apps to it’s own products, such as E-Mail, Calendar, Notes, bookmarks etc, which can also be integrated with Mozilla FireFox.

Google have said that the service will be closed fully on 1st November, 2013, and the mobile version will be closed on 31st July, 2012.

There has been a lot of criticism regarding this move, with one user saying “How can they do this? I’ve had iGoogle as my homepage for years! Not happy!!!”

‘iPad’ Trademark Dispute Settled

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Apple has successfully settled a dispute over the ‘iPad’ name in China with a settlement figure of £38M.

Technology firm ‘Proview’ had taken Apple to court over use of it’s trademark which was registered in China in the year 2000.

Apple however claims to have acquired the worldwide rights to use the name ‘iPad’ in 2009.

In 2009, Apple had acquired the rights to the trademark from Proview’s affiliate, but Proview has argued that their affiliate didn’t have the rights to sell this.

Whilst the dispute took the iPad off the shelves in some parts of China for a short while, Apple gave in and agreed to pay Proview $60 to settle the dispute and bring it’s flagship product back on sale.

BT Strikes Once Again

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As a provider of I.T. Support, Tetrabyte notices when major nationwide Broadband outages occur.

It seems that once again BT are unable to provide a robust service, affecting thousands of businesses and homes nationwide.

Below is a screenshot of the BT service status page at 8:55 this morning:

Tetrabyte Managed I.T. - Unlimited Business Broadband

BT have been having major service outages a little too often in recent weeks – and whilst networks aren’t 100% guaranteed to stay online, this is taking the biscuit.

BT haven’t actually explained why the outages are happening apart from ‘Infrastructure Upgrades’, but here at Tetrabyte Managed I.T. we believe that BT are upgrading their infrastructure to offer fibre-optic Broadband to more areas.

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US Court Bans Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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A US court has banned the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet – version 10.1.

This is after Apple appealed for an injunction against Samsung for copying their patents.

Samsung is thought to be Apple’s primary rival in the tablet market, although Microsoft is seen to be attempting to gain a market share with the new ‘Surface’ tablet due to be released soon.

Originally the injunction against Samsung was rejected by a Californian judge, but since the Federal Court of Appeals ruled that it must be looked into again, the original judge changed his mind.

The hearing is set to proceed on the 30th of July.

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