Illegal to Browse The Web?

Posted on: July 23rd, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

The European Supreme Court is looking into whether or not it is illegal to browse the web without paying royalties to the copyright holder.

This is due to the way a web-browser works – each time you view a webpage your computer downloads a copy of that page; this is so that it can load the webpages faster in future, and so that if your Internet goes offline then you won’t be affected as badly.

The UK government has refused to rule on the issue, stating that they would rather wait for the European courts to decide.

Come on Parliament, surely you can make your own mind up?

Twitter Outage – Now Back Online

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by Tetrabyte No Comments

Users reported Twitter to be going incredibly slow and going offline intermittently from Thursday afternoon onwards.

Twitter engineers have said that the problem were due to a bug with the Twitter infrastructure of how Twitter is built.

Last time Twitter went offline was due to an immense number of requests from users on New Year’s Day, although this didn’t last very long.

From the start, Twitter had some problems with page loading times and timing out, although they have improved these issues over time.

Twitter will provide an full explanation of the cause of the outage in due course.

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