Tetrabyte Managed Remote I.T. Support

Welcome to Tetrabyte Managed I.T.

Tetrabyte offers the best in remote I.T. support. With our top-range remote I.T. software our fully qualified expert engineers can connect onto your computer in under a minute.

Tetrabyte Managed I.T. provides a freephone 0330 number for you to contact our dedicated engineers – simply call up, dial 1 for support and you’ll be on the phone to an engineer shortly.

Our guarantee to you is that our I.T. engineers will provide you the best service possible. Once connected an engineer will dedicate their full attention to your issue and try and get it resolved as soon as possible. If it’s an issue which can’t be fixed immediately due to technical limitations, the issue will be logged whilst the engineer looks for the solution and puts into place the necessary procedures to resolve the problem in a timely fashion.

All logs are monitored by the I.T. manager who ensures that your issue is being dealt with in a suitable and timely fashion, and to make sure that you are being kept up-to-date on the progress of the solution.

Our all-in-one Managed I.T. solution includes:

  • Unlimited Business Broadband – TRULY UNLIMITED!
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Premium Spam Filtering
  • Remote Off-Site Backup
  • Business Website Hosting
  • Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

If any of these bolt-ons aren’t for you then simply let us know and we won’t charge you for it.

If you’re interested in Tetrabyte Managed I.T. Remote Support then please contact us – you can either use the contact form located here, or call us on 0330 900 1066.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.