Apple tool to combat Flashback Trojan

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Apple has now release a Java update to eradicate the Flashback Trojan that have been infecting Mac computers on a large scale in recent weeks.

The Flashback Malware exploiting a security vulnerability in the Mac Operating System (OS) allowing hackers to take control of the users machine.

Apple released the update two days after it reported taking the issue on and one week after the anti-virus firm Dr Web said over 600,000 Macs had been infected.

Apple has been highly criticised for the extended amount of time it took to resolve the issue.

Kaspersky, recalled its own Trojan-removal tool after it was reportedly affecting some user settings.

Apple have only released a fix for machines running their latest versions of the operating system. “Snow Leopard” and “Lion” all earlier versions have been told to disable Java in their web browser to resolve the problem.

Apple has been reported to be working to shut down servers hosted by the authors of the Malware, to prevent the Malware from running many of its critical functions.

Some analysts are reporting they believe Apple could of been able to avoided the attack if it had acted sooner.


Oracle The Java’s developer had issued a fix for other systems eight weeks before Apple’s first security update.

Rik Ferguson, the director of security at Trend Micro said the following on the matter: “Apple’s sluggishness on security updates could perhaps have been defended in the past by the relative paucity of malware on that operating system. However, Mac OS is increasingly attractive and increasingly exploited by criminals.”

Apple is also trying to improve the security of its web stores iTunes, most likely trying to address a worrying increase in the number users complaining about accounts being “hacked”.

Users are currently being prompted on Apples websites to add back-up email addresses and answer security questions to protect their user accounts and data.

Apple has not yet commented on their actions, which has been reported to of confused a large amount of Apple’s regular users.

I.T. News: The Patent Wars – Who really owns the Smartphone?

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I.T. News: The Patent wars…

Who really owns the Smartphone?

The battle between Apple, Samsung and other multimedia and technology giants continues…

For the last few year, a war has been waging in silence, A war of large corporations trying to sue each other over patents of their designs and ideas. The So-called ‘patent wars’ are raging between large technology firms like Apple, Motorola and Samsung, as they fight for market share in the ever growing market of the Smartphone and tablet.

The patent battles are being fought in courtrooms around the world by intellectual property lawyers, seeking to help each of these super-giant technology corporations try and secure even more of a monopoly.

The problem has become that now that Smartphones and Tablet devices have become little more than mini flat-screens, it leaves little remove for design innovation and originality, how many designs can a company come up with that would work within this very limited scope? Until the next revolution in Smartphone and mobile technology comes along, the likely hood that these giant companies will continue to squabble for years to come.

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