IT Support News: BT and Talk Talk lose file-sharing appeal

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Internet Piracy vs Customer Privacy: BT and Talk Talk lose the battle to defend their customers.

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Internet Service Provider ISP British Telecom BT Losing the battle in the court room

The big ISP’s fighting for their customers privacy in the court room, lose the battle.

It was revealed yesterday that BT and Talk Talk have lost their appeal over the controversial measures to tackle copyright infringement online.

British Telecom and Talk Talk were fighting the UK’s new Digital Economey Act (DEA) which is aimed at tackling paricy online.

The internet service providers (ISPs) argued that the new act is incompatible with EU law.

The ISPs will now be forced to send warning letters to those suspected of downloading copyrighted content from the internet, as well as potentially cutting users off.

The Music and Film industries argue that internet piracy costs over £400 million a year in lost revenue.

BT and Talk Talk have both stated that these stricter measures could mean an invasion of public privacy and raised costs to both the ISP and it’s users.

“Though we have lost this appeal, we will continue fighting to defend our customers’ rights against this ill-judged legislation.”

A spokesman for BT said: “We have been seeking clarification from the courts that the DEA is consistent with European law, and legally robust in the UK, so that everyone can be confident in how it is implemented.”

“Now that the court has made its decision, we will look at the judgment carefully to understand its implications and consider our next steps.”



Sussex Broadband News | BT Infinity. When will actually get it?

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BT Infinity

What’s happened to our BT Infinity?

BT Infinity: The the vast majority of the UK is still eagerly awaiting news on BT Infinity upgrades in their local area. The telecom giant British Telecom (BT) has been releasing dates on the upgrades for the last couple of years, but BT Infinity/Superfast Broadband is still not available in many areas across the country outside of the major cities. In all honesty it seems that “Frustration” seems to be the word of the month as BT has been revising and constantly pushing back the dates in many areas for it’s new BT infinity & Superfast Broadband service.

The constant push backs for many areas of the country are causing customers to complain on a vast scale with many opting out of BT’s services altogether accusing them of being “Unreliable lairs”, The word from BT’s customer services seems to say they are not offering any precise dates on the arrival of BT infinity for specific areas and that 2016 was now the deadline, for superfast broadbands arrival, nationwide. Believing this will stop the complaints.

Although the pipework has been laid into many areas of the UK, construction work still needs to install cables into the street level cabinets which most home and business broadband customers will be connected to. Until the fiber is installed to those points, the fiber optic connections at the exchange aren’t of much use to BT’s customer base.

How long the construction of this extended stage of the process will take, BT have declined to comment.


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