Business Broadband News: Global broadband use is on the rise

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High Speed Business Broadband

The Rise of Global Broadband

It’s no secret that the use of the internet is increasing on a daily basis, you would have to be living under a rock, in a very deep cave, on the dark side of the moon not to notice.

Companies are using superfast Business Broadband in a bid to compete for their piece of the global market, and help improve their overall efficiency. Not to mention the amount of residential users now logging on to social media and other online services. A platform which has grown exponentially in recent times, and with that the need for increased broadband usage, speed and demand.

ABI Research has released a study that shows that several types of broadband internet connection were on the rise in 2011, with subscription numbers and service revenue both having grown significantly in the 12 month period.

The Broadband Research Analyst Khin Sandi Lynn at ABI, stated; “Fibre broadband adoption has grown rapidly over the past years. Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on a number of data-intensive services such as high-definition online video services, internet protocol television and online gaming.”

Certainly, business users are able to use services VoIP and conference calls much more effectively with these less restricting access speeds available to their business. One can also imagine that such increases in speed will increase any online workforce’s productivity. Reducing the waiting time for updates and critical file transfers, from clients, co workers and business partners.

It has been said that the constantly growing demand has convinced a large majority of of large broadband providers to release radical upgrades to their services. In the UK this is certainly very clear to see, where British Telecom, (BT) announced it would be upgrading certain parts of the country with connection speeds of up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps), and Virgin Media have made 100 Mbps available to 10 million potential users.

ABI added that the increase in broadband speed is set to continue, and have a positive impact on the industry over the years to come. Certainly it seems obvious when it is predicted the fixed broadband sector will generate revenue of $191 billion (£121 billion) in 2012 and this is expected to increase to $217 billion by 2016.

I.T. News: Judging Twitter | London Supreme Court likes to Tweet

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Twitter: London Supreme Court likes to Tweet

Social Media comes to the UKSC

Twitter comes to the supreme court

Twitter and Wiki Leaks in the UK's Supreme Court

Social media is certainly spreading into some unexpected places these days. The latest official government body to join the ranks of the Social Media website Twitter, is England’s Supreme Court in London.

The Supreme Court launched its microblogging page @UKSupremeCourt on Monday. The idea is to issue real time news on its latest rulings. The plan to kick off the new service started with the courts swearing-in ceremony of new justice Lord Robert Reed.

“The Supreme Court has allowed Tweeting from its courtrooms in most occasions since February 2011, but today marks the first time that the Court itself will ‘tweet’.” explained Ben Wilson, Spokesperson for the UKSC.

This move is a step towards the courts commitment to making the its proceedings more accessible to the public eye. It is also an attempt to engage a new audience, who might not be familiar with the court’s work.

“From producing summaries of judgments to streaming proceedings live online, taking to Twitter is another step to opening the doors of the highest court in the land to as many people as possible,” said Wilson.

The opening of the UKSC’s Twitter account coincides with the ruling of Julian Assange’s (Founder of Wiki leaks) extradition appeal, the courts most High Profile case since it’s opening in 2009.

“Twitter provides a channel to rapidly publish the outcome of this case, and others to a large number of interested parties.” Wilson goes on to explain.

It seems only fair to say, with Wiki Leaks history having been so intertwined with social media sites, such as Twitter, it only seems appropriate that the hearing would be covered in this manner.

Assange is set to challenge Sweden’s public prosecutor for issuing a European Arrest warrant for his extradition to the United States.

The ruling in Assange’s hearing last week, is not expected to be decided by the Court justices for another few weeks. Plenty of time to get their Twitter up and running smoothly.


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Broadband News: Lincolnshire to get superfast broadband

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Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband comes to Lincolnshire

Today local authorities in the Lincolnshire area have assured businesses that they will have access to superfast business broadband no later than five years from now.

Councillor Kelly Smith commented on the plans “Improved broadband is vital for business growth, for all residents accessing services, including the growing number of silver surfers, and for young people looking to download learning materials,”

The county council’s proposed plans have been accept by the government to move forward to introduce the latest internet technology to the consumer and business market in Sleaford and the surround area.

The plans that have been proposed should benefit at least 90% of all premises’ in the area, giving them access to speeds of up to 24Mb/s (up to three times faster than today’s current broadband speeds) by the year 2015, and by 2017 superfast broadband will be available to all other areas in the county.

Broadband News: Sky announces launch of new internet TV service in the UK

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UK Broadband news SKY TV


Having just released their quarterly results, the UK’s pay TV service Sky, have announced they will be launching a brand new internet TV service. The new service is being made available to anyone in the country with a broadband connection.

This announcement comes despite the UK multimedia giant adding over 100,000 new subscribers and achieving its “highest ever first-half adjusted operating profit”, Sky has described the new service as being aimed at the approximate 13 million UK households who don’t currently subscribe to pay TV, with access available via “PC, laptop, tablet, Smartphone, games console or connected TV.”

Initially the service will only offer Sky Movies on demand, eventually joined by sports and entertainment options later, offering consumers the choice of access based on either monthly unlimited subscription or “pay-as-you-go” pricing. Sky will continue to offer its basic services, and will continue to develop its existing Sky Go product for standard pay-TV subscriber.

Although the service has yet to be released, it seems as though this will be a worthy introduction into the consistently growing TV/film on-demand market place. This is surely unwelcome news for competitors such as Lovefilm and the recent UK entrant Netflix.

There are sure to be plenty of questions from consumers about what this service will men to those that cut the cord from a pay TV service to go purely online. Set for release in the first half of this year it won’t be long before current subscribers and new consumers get to find out.

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