Invasion of Privacy taken to new heights in the UK

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Personal Privacy online has always been a big concern for large groups of people. But any sort of privacy online could be a thing of the past if the government gets its way.

The government is pushing for access to monitor all calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK.

ISP’s will be required by law to give the government full and undisclosed, real time feeds of all data transmitted through their servers.

This will means that even sensitive information like passwords, private letters and documents will be broadcast directly to a government feed monitored by “officials”.

Civil liberties groups have been in uproar at the new proposed plans calling it an “outright invasion of privacy”.

Tory MP David Davis called it “an unnecessary extension of the ability of the state to snoop on ordinary people”.

Everything you think you know about cyber criminals is WRONG

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According to report from The  John Grieve Centre for Policing and Security at London Metropolitan University, all our assumptions about cyber criminals are completely wrong.

The report suggests that many of today’s cyber criminals and fraudsters are middle aged and possess only the most basic of IT skills.

This flies in the face of the image most people had conceived, that cyber criminals were teenage boys, elite hackers, Idealistic views and scores to settle with the government.

An image portrayed in Hollywood and other forms of media.

The research, led by criminologist Dr Michael McGuire, blames “80 per cent of cybercrime” on your common variety thugs and criminals.

It would seem Cybercrime is far from the preserve of elite hackers as portrayed in the media – nearly half of cyber-crooks are over 35 years old, and less than a third are under 25.

Business IT Support: FedEX Email Notification Scam

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Tetrabyte Managed I.T. Support FedEx Scam beware

I.T. Support FedEx Scam beware

Even people in IT Support are prone to receiving deceiving emails from scam companies looking to infiltrate the computers of unsuspecting victims, Tetrabyte received this email just this morning, claiming to be from FedEx with a pretty benign looking “FedEx.zip” attachment. Tetrabyte would like to take the time to warn people about these scam emails and the danger they present to the online community. It’s important to Tetrabyte, as a Business I.T. Support Company we take this kind of fraud very seriously indeed and that we take the time to inform our readers. If you have received such an email, please do not open it.

The details of the FedEx notification email were as follows:

From:    FedEx (customs-cleared@fedex.com)

Sent:     22 February 2012 07:39:46

To:          Tetrabyte

1 attachment | Download all as zip (40.4 KB)

Invoice_ID48154.zip (40.4 KB)

Post notification,

Your package has been returned to the FedEx office.
The reason of the return is – Incorrect delivery address of the package.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office.

FedEx Express Services.

If you have received a message from FedEx that is simular in nature, simply delete it from your inbox and if it has any variations, please post it here for other to see. – simply leave a comment below.

‘Typosquatting’ phone companies fined £100,000 for misleading visitors

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Tetrabyte Managed I.T. Support - Phone Companies scam consumers by using typosquatting sites.

I.T. Support - Phone Companies scam consumers by using typosquatting sites.

Two large premium rate phone companies have been fine £100,000 for typo squatting on their competitors.

The ruling said the customers were being “misled” by the company’s actions and were ordered to refund the callers that fell into the trap.

Typosquatters use misspelled variations of popular web addresses.

They rely on human error when typing in a popular web address, to steal a competitor’s web traffic.

“Premium-rate phone regulator PhonepayPlus said Amsterdam-based R&D Media Europe and Una Valley BV used typosquatted sites.” The BBC news correspondent stated.

The typosquatted sites resembled their competitors and failed to provide clear information about pricing.

The competitions comprised of giving participants the impression that entering contact details and answering a few questions would enable them to receive prizes from the website.

Unfortunately for the unknowing participants of these competitions they start to receive text messages asking them quiz or survey questions, each message received cost £1.50, and a further £1.50 was charged for replying.

PhonepayPlus the Premium-rate phone regulator, said Amsterdam-based R&D Media Europe and Una Valley BV used unlawful tactics to fool consumers.

PhonepayPlus revealed one such victim was charged £63 after using a site mimicking the look of the popular video blogging site YouTube.

The organisation is responsible for sanctioning all premium-rate telephone service providers, who operate within the UK.

PayphonePlus say that “all providers are obliged to register with the organisation and abide by our code of practice over fair use.”

R&D Media Europe and Una Valley BV breached this code of practice.

PhonepayPlus’ tribunal has ordered the two phone companies to issue refunds to those affected by the scam.

Paul Whiteing, the organisation’s chief executive said: “These judgements send a clear message to providers that they cannot play on the public’s trust in well-known websites to promote services.”

R&D Media Europe nor Una Valley BV, were not available for comment.

Vice-president of brand protection firm Mark Monitor, Charlie Abrahams, told the BBC that

“The infringer is preying on the possibility of the consumer missing out a dot or making a mistake,”

“It is breaking the law by attempting to make profit by impersonating a trademark.”

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