Business Broadband News: Global broadband use is on the rise

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High Speed Business Broadband

The Rise of Global Broadband

It’s no secret that the use of the internet is increasing on a daily basis, you would have to be living under a rock, in a very deep cave, on the dark side of the moon not to notice.

Companies are using superfast Business Broadband in a bid to compete for their piece of the global market, and help improve their overall efficiency. Not to mention the amount of residential users now logging on to social media and other online services. A platform which has grown exponentially in recent times, and with that the need for increased broadband usage, speed and demand.

ABI Research has released a study that shows that several types of broadband internet connection were on the rise in 2011, with subscription numbers and service revenue both having grown significantly in the 12 month period.

The Broadband Research Analyst Khin Sandi Lynn at ABI, stated; “Fibre broadband adoption has grown rapidly over the past years. Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on a number of data-intensive services such as high-definition online video services, internet protocol television and online gaming.”

Certainly, business users are able to use services VoIP and conference calls much more effectively with these less restricting access speeds available to their business. One can also imagine that such increases in speed will increase any online workforce’s productivity. Reducing the waiting time for updates and critical file transfers, from clients, co workers and business partners.

It has been said that the constantly growing demand has convinced a large majority of of large broadband providers to release radical upgrades to their services. In the UK this is certainly very clear to see, where British Telecom, (BT) announced it would be upgrading certain parts of the country with connection speeds of up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps), and Virgin Media have made 100 Mbps available to 10 million potential users.

ABI added that the increase in broadband speed is set to continue, and have a positive impact on the industry over the years to come. Certainly it seems obvious when it is predicted the fixed broadband sector will generate revenue of $191 billion (£121 billion) in 2012 and this is expected to increase to $217 billion by 2016.

I.T. News: IBM Releases Free Internet Security Training Tools to Educate on Digital Responsibility

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IMB Free Tools


Free Internet Tools from IBM

Yesterday IMB announced they would be releasing a selection of free internet security tools to help educate and raise public awareness of digital responsibility. The release will be given to teachers, students and businesses as a part of the three part package.

Control Your Online Identity is a volunteer education kit designed to help teenagers learn to protect their personal data and reputation online. Although t most teenagers appear to be knowledgeable about the basic functions and use of social media and online accounts. They are usually unaware of how data they share is used. Designed to help students learn how to protect personal data and how to reduce the risk of their identity being stolen or abused online.

Internet Safety Coaching is designed for teachers or personnel working with children. It is a general guide on basic Internet safety. Providing information about common Internet activities by young people including social media, blogging and instant messaging.  Specifically designed to raise awareness of the best online safety policies and how best to discuss this topic with children.

Cyberbullying is a constant threat for young people and adults alike on the world wide web, This tool is aimed at parents or adults who work with children. It is designed to help adults learn about how young people use the Internet today, how to recognize cyberbullying symptoms, and how to prevent online bullying from happening. There is also information on what steps to take if cyberbullying is discovered.

The release coincides with Safer Internet Day which is a global drive by awareness-raising partners to promote a safer Internet for all users. Organised by INSAFE in the framework of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme.


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