Tetrabyte Premium Spam Filtering


Tetrabyte Managed I.T. is pleased to offer Tetrabyte Premium Spam Filtering – with 24/7 E-Mail monitoring you can have peace of mind that your network is protected from E-Mail scams, viruses and lost productivity.

The Best Business IT Support Antispam and Antivirus Technology System

Can you risk not being protected? Each spam E-Mail coming into your network has to be read by a member of staff causing loss productivity. Each of these messages has the potential to be an online scam, or even worse, a dangerous virus, Trojan or malware designed to target and infiltrate your network.

Protect yourself from these threats with Tetrabyte Managed Premium Spam Filtering – our specialist software will scan your inbound E-Mails for these threats and then decide what to do with them; it will either allow them to pass if they’re safe, allow them through with a warning if there’s a small possibility of a threat, or it will completely capture and block them if it contains a virus or an online scam.

Our spam server is monitored 24/7 to alert us of any potential problems before they occur. Our spam server is also protected with redundant hardware to ensure that your E-Mails are safely delivered 24/7, 365 days a year.

In a nutshell, here’s what Tetrabyte Managed Anti-Spam Offers:

  • Premium Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Intelligent Anti-Virus Scanning and Filtering
  • Spoofing and Fraud Detection
  • Nominated User for Daily Spam Reports
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring