Tetrabyte Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is now the default business email system in use around the world. A fully functional alternative to an on-site Exchange server, rather than paying out thousands for an onsite Exchange server with little or no redundancy,

Hosted Exchange includes:

  • Full Synchronisation between your Computers/Laptops/Smart Phones and Tablets for all Email, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks whether you’re at Work, Home or on the move.
  • Ability to share mailboxes and work collaboratively with other colleagues, All changes such moving an email to other folders or marking as read are synced to all other users computers and mobile devices.
  • Synced Shared & Private Calendars across all your devices
  • With a hosted system all your emails are stored in a data centre and if a computer fails no data or email services are lost.
  • Web Access to your whole Mailbox from any computer in the world, Access to all your emails, Contacts and calendars when you’re not near your own computers.


Tetrabyte Managed Hosted Exchange is perfect for a business or charity of any size. If you need any help with regards to your Hosted Exchange (such as help setting up your account on Outlook, or a smartphone/tablet), you can get in contact with us on our dedicated Freephone number – you will be speaking to one of our expert engineers within a couple of minutes. Let Tetrabyte take headache away from you with our dedicated support.